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Cell therapy is a cutting-edge cancer treatment that builds upon decades of progress in immuno-oncology by modifying a patient’s own immune cells to target cancer cells. We have taken an approach to improve education and awareness about cell therapy that is as innovative as the treatment itself.

Realizing the promise of cell therapy and personalized medicine also requires a new approach to education to create awareness of new treatment options and ultimately help improve the quality of health outcomes. As new treatments emerge, we also strive to better understand and help address the practical challenges that patients face.

The Gilead Lift initiative was created to provide grant support to organizations working to improve the experience and education of patients, families and caregivers exploring or receiving cutting edge cancer therapies. These grants are supporting organizations in the United States working to expand outreach and education about cell therapy treatment, as well as assisting organizations seeking to raise awareness about the role of clinical trials in improving outcomes for people with cancer.

Examples of how grant funding is being utilized include:

  • Helping patients and families understand and navigate their treatment journey
  • Developing communication tools
  • Enhancing post-therapy planning and support
  • Supporting innovative approaches to raise awareness about clinical trials
  • Educating communities about strategies to increase access to and participation in trials